Hi, my name is Doug. I have loved creating images my whole life. This passion led me to found DouglasShillPhotography, where I foster my deep commitment to capturing the essence of moments in both still and video form. I work with people, places and objects to get to the very core of what is happening at a particular point in time. I shoot landscapes, environmental and lifestyle portraiture, fashion and headshotsts. 

Family is the biggest thing in my life, and my family has helped me enormously in being able to get to that very essence of a person. I am husband to my wife to Stephanie. I am also a father of 5. I have 3 girls and 2 boys, ranging in age from You're still here? To it's going to be a while. The diverse ages of my children have taught me so much about those singular moments as their personalities develop. The insights gained from my family life translate into my professional life.

I have had clients literally cry when they see their prints or books for the first time. I get goosebumps every time that happens. I take great pride in the ability to make my clients feel relaxed, and this allows them to take simple direction and work with me to achieve a great photograph. 

Take a look at my images here on my website. You'll see how in my portraiture I find the true depth of the individual. In my architectural photography I use light to bring new perspective to structure and allow it to be seen in a whole new way. My commercial photography finds just the right statement for a product or company.

Thank you for visiting, and please contact me to discuss any projects you have in mind.