Has someone ever told you, or have you heard someone say that gear doesn't matter? Well I have. And I call BULLSHIT!  While it is true, a great photographer can take any camera and make a great image, while a novice can get his hands on the best cameras available and produce garbage. I get it, and I agree with that... BUT!!

As gear evolves and manufactures innovate, tools continue to get better and better. Sure, sometimes upgrades are incremental offering no new earth shattering new features. But... There are plenty of instances that I as a Canon shooter can recall where new features from 5D to 5D for example, introduce new features that make the upgrade or purchase worth it. Take the 5D MKIII upgrade from the MKII.. The MKII could only auto bracket 3 images, while the MKIII can do 7. Sure, you can manually bracket more, however, many architecture and landscape pro's are looking for the least amount of movement when shooting, and the fewer times you touch the camera the better for ultimate sharpest image. How about the inclusion of the headphone port for monitoring in camera audio? How about clean HDMI out? These upgrades made many pro video shooters do the whip / nae nae. Could they live with out them? Sure.. Does it matter to them? HELL YES IT DOES! Many Sony pro shooters will tell you that the new A7R II is a MUCH better camera with many new features that make it a substantially better camera and  WILL make their jobs easier, and perhaps more enjoyable. 

So I say to you. The next time someone tells you that gear doesn't matter.. Call, BULLSHIT! 

Feel free to sound off in the comments below. And until next time.. Keep it click'n.